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Part 1 - James and Greta

James meets Greta on their holiday, and this is their conversation.
James e Greta si sono incontrati in vacanza, questo è il loro dialogo.

In the sentences, some words have their letters missing. Choose the right word from the options given. 
Nelle frasi seguenti alcune parole hanno delle lettere mancanti. Scegli la parola giusta tra le opzioni. 

James: Hi, I’m James! I’m on holiday here three weeks. How long are you staying here?

Greta: Only two weeks. I start work again next Monday. I'm a teacher I like my job a lot. What's your job?

James: I'm a computer engineer. The work is hard and I get tired day. I'm enjoying this holiday a lot.

Greta: I like it here I like the sunshine; the sea is always warm. Do you like swimming?

James: Yes, I love

Greta: I also like lying the beach in the sun. We are both very sun-tanned, aren't we?

James: Yes we are. But the holiday is nearly over and we will soon back home.

Greta: It's so sad our holidays end.

James: Don't talk about that! I feel too sad. It's beautiful here. But there is always summer year.

Greta: Yes. See you James. Bye!